Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog Hop. . . . With my FAVORITE blogger!


Welcome friends and Seekers to my first edition of Friend's You Love's Blog Hop AND my first ever guest posting.  So I'm a totally I loser this morning because I didn't have my post ready.  (If you stop by tomorrow, you'll see why.  I'll be posting all about my newest "role" in life as a grandma)!  Which is also the reason I'm late!  That's nothing new though, I'm usually one of the last ones to show!

So today is the very first time I'm having a guest poster.  I get to be involved in Friends You Love and be the tag-a-long because of her.  It's because of her I blog.  I few months back I talked to her about guest posting on my blog, before we new we were going to do FYL.  She happily agreed.  When I found out that we were going to be doing a Blog Hop, I threw the rules out the window and asked her instead.  Why?  Because, I wanted her to be my first ever guest poster!  So forgive me for that!  I doubt anyone will mind though!  I mean really, it's Brandee, and she's brilliant!  So without further ado. . . .   


My sister Buffee asked me to guest post for the Friends You Love blog hop, and she told me she wanted me to be her first guest poster since I am the reason she started blogging.  I am honored to be here and that she asked me to post.

I thought I would share a fun story about Buffee, since it's friendship month, and she is one of my bestest friends on the planet.   We spend almost every weekend doing something together.  We like the same kinds of things.  Food, movies, my kids.  You know the important things in life.  She gets my jokes, and we can have complete conversations in movie lines.  Most people have no idea what we are even talking about but we "get" the other so everyone else doesn't really matter.

So, Buffee, a self proclaimed Coke-a-holic has been obsessed with soda since she was little.  She would run up and sneak drinks out of anyone's can that set it down when she was little.  If you left your drink for very long she would down the whole thing.  AND QUICK TOO!  She was a stealthy little booger.

One afternoon we were all outside and my dad was cooking on the grill.  He had been working on something, I think the lawnmower.  The details are foggy now, I was probably 7, which made Buffee, the cute little age of 3.  He had an empty soda can, I remember the can, it was Diet Pepsi Light.  It had lemon in it and had a lemon on the can.  Whatever he had been piddling with lawnmower or otherwise, he needed something to hold some gasoline.  He chose the emptied Diet Pepsi can.  Brilliant idea dad.  Just sayin'.

You can totally guess what happened next.  Stealthy little booger came along and guzzled before he could stop her.  Not just a sip, she turned that can upside down and GUZZLED THAT SHIT!

Immediately she spit, but not before she had swallowed some gasoline.  My mom called poison control, for like the 157,000th time (apparently they knew Mrs. Best well) and they told us to make her drink lots and lots of milk to coat her stomach and esophagus.  We put her in the bathtub, and I'll never forget the smell.  She burped gasoline for days.  It was awful.

Buffee is a Coke super freak.  I'm certain her inability to make the switch to diet sodas has to do with her traumatic experience with Diet Gasoline!  It's a mental block!

Here's me and my kid sister when she was a baby!

Here's me and my BFF today!

Thanks for having me post for you Sissy!  Thanks for all the great memories!  And most of all THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND!


That One Mom said...

Oh my gosh! That had to be terrifying for your parents!

adrienzgirl said...

Thanks for having me Sissy!

Shell said...

Oh, no! That would have been so scary!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Burping gasoline?


Talk about having gas!


Sherri said...

burping gasoline? hope there were no open flames around

Daffy said...

I'm thinking lighting her farts that day woulda been a hellacious amount of fun!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your blog header makes me smile

Had a few minutes to blog hop......Hope you will stop by by my holiday blog...there is a great Ornament Giveaway this week.