Monday, September 13, 2010

That One Mom Guest Post

It feels like I’m always apologizing for being late posting to the party. If I told you about my morning honest excuse you probably wouldn’t even believe me. I assure you there have been tears. But this is supposed to be a happy post. So that’s exactly what it’s going to be!

I got to spend the weekend with my guest poster, That One Mom aka K. When I finally made it to my sissy’s house (late as usual), and met her, for the first time, it was like seeing an old friend. Someone I’ve known since High School or an old college roomie. But she wasn’t, she was an internet friend, a blogging sister, a BFF! I am honored to call her my friend and have her guest post today in honor of Friends You Love’s Blog Hop! Because meeting her and building friendships is exactly the reason we’re celebrating International Friendship Month!

My sissy, me, and That One Mom

That One Mom. . . . .

Friendship comes in many forms.  I have heard internet friendships defined many ways.  Most often I've heard them called imaginary, superficial, and insignificant.

Last night, I arrived home from a weekend trip that had been several months in the making.  On Thursday, I boarded an airplane and travelled all the way to Jacksonville, Florida to visit people I had never "met".  However, when the vehicle picking me up pulled curbside, I immediately knew the person in the driver's seat.  No, we had never before looked one another in the eye.  No, we had never before given each other hugs.  But I knew her.  I knew her better than most people I see everday at work, at the grocery store, or even at my children's schools.  I know her because I have "spoken" with her in some capacity everyday for almost a year.

Spending the weekend with people I've only know via the interwebs was awesome.  We didn't rock and roll all night and party everyday.  Our weekend wasn't jammed packed with events to keep us busy from dusk til dawn.  It was a laid back weekend spent with some girlfriends and their family.  I joked with kids, snuggled with dogs, and I even changed a baby's diaper explosion.  It was just like spending the weekend with one of my best friends.  Because that is what it was.

I challenge you, the next time someone passes judgement on your internet friendships to think about this...  How does seeing someone face to face ensure that you know them better than someone you "talk" to every day?  The deep, rich relationships I have with my blogging friends run deeper and stronger than most relationships I have with people I know in real life. 


Daffy said...

Oh man that picture just made me snort and snort. And damn the luck if I'd only had underwear on I wouldn't be in a such a bind right now.....damn the panty thief!

I'm so happy (and envious) y'all had such a wonderful time. Thanks for including me via video chat for some of it. I laugh SO much I can only imgaine the ab workout you had over the course of the entire weekend!

Sorry you had such a rotten morning Buffee. Do I need to fork someone for you?

adrienzgirl said...

I had the best time this weekend hanging out with my best friends! I'm with That One Mom on this one. We talk every single day, all three of us and we are best friends regardless of how we met!

Love you girls!

Anonymous said...

LOL ha! She changed a diaper explosion? Ew!

Im glad you girls had fun!!

That One Mom said...

Yeah, I definitely was up to my elbows in baby poo... But it's all good. She's a good baby and I lurve her!!!

I had so much fun this weekend, Buffee! Thanks for playing with me!