Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friends You Love

Blogging buddies, Internet friends, Twittering women, that's you and me.
Sharing our stories, telling our secrets, building new friendships and memories.
Posting our lives, venting our frustrations, seeking advice from others who know,
Bonding through tears, during our triumphs and victories, all learning as we go.
While writing our memes, finding our ninch, and sharing our favorite tips and recipes.
We're women, united by blogging, making a difference, and we're BFF's if you please!

See, I told you, I'm not a writer!  I have written poems in the past, but only when truly inspired.  Most of the time I get two or three lines, and then NOTHING!  I really wanted to be inspired, because I'm super excited about this month.

So instead, I'll just tell you what I have to say!  Ha!  Today begins a month full of fun and festivities.  I'm joining forces with some of my FAVORITE bloggers, Adrienzgirl, That One Mom, Daffy, Steph, Dionne, Shell, Tammy, Queso, June, Kate, Chelle, Kimberly, Surferwife, and Andrea, in celebration of  International Women's Friendship Month!  Together we're bringing you FRIENDS YOU LOVE!  So bring your friends, let's celebrate the bonds of friendship between women.  We really have a bunch of FUN stuff planned, so I hope everyone's in the mood to PARTAY!

So stop by, and often, all this month and check out what's going on!  I promise, it's going to be FUN!    


That One Mom said...

I thought it was a great poem!!!

Let the festivities begin!

SurferWife said...

You have poem writing skills.

"Girls always like guys with skills. Nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills...."

adrienzgirl said...

I like your poem! It;s definitely PERFECT! So glad you are doing this with all these amazing women!

Chelle said...

Hey--I loved your poem!

I cannot wait for all the fun this month!

Anonymous said...

September is gonna ROCK! I am very excited!!