Thursday, August 26, 2010

My kids, some tears, a few pics, and some laughs!

Last weekend I went out to my sister's house on Friday to spend the night.  We had a family reunion on Saturday.  I hate the reunions on my granny's side of the family.  BORING!  We get together, we eat, and we leave.  It's been like that all of my life.  Plus, everyone always sits with their own families.  It's pointless.  It's a bunch of who are you again and how are you doing and which kids are yours BS!  But this year I took my kid, my Bitzee!  Just so I could say, this is my kid, the four legged furry one!  It was so nice for a change.  Instead of, no, I can't have kids, hysterectomy remember?  Or, no, those are BRANDEE'S kids!  I get that a lot.  Everywhere I go people just assume when I have one of them that they're mine.  Not that I mind, they're great kids and beautiful!  All of them.  In fact, I actually used to pretend Kenna was mine.  From the day she was born.  I was 15, so give me a break.  I had always wanted kids.  And I babysat her all of the time.  So when people talked about her being mine, I just didn't correct them.  Why bother?  It wasn't like I told people she was mine.  When they'd say, she's so beautiful, she looks just like you!  I'd smile and say thank you!  HA!

Anyway, I'm closest to Brandee's kids, because they live here and I see them the most.  But I love all of my nieces and nephews.  Each and everyone of them.  In different ways, because they're different kids.  Some people might say that Kooper is my favorite, but it's not true.  Maybe he was, maybe the old Buffee "loved" Kooper more.  When Kooper was younger Brandee needed more help.  I was that more help.  When I moved out into my own apartment he spent most of the weekends with me.  So we were very close.  Brandee and Kenna lived with us when she was younger, so the same went for Kenna.  Brandee was a single mom and I loved and adored her kids.  (I wasn't your typical Aunt, atleast not like any aunts I had or know).  I love children.  I especially love my nieces and nephews.  I try to be in their lives as much as possible.  I try to do everything I can with them.  I'm there for every holiday, every birthday, anything and everything.  I hope they know that and know how much I love them.  I went to Kenna's graduation, in the heat, with strep throat and a fever, feeling like I was dieing.  Because I needed to be there for her.  To show her that no matter what, Buffee loves you and is there for you.  No.Matter.What. 

When Brandee had Kamden, she didn't need me the way she did before.  So my relationship started out differently with Kamden.  Plus, I got married.  But I've honestly tried to make up for that with Kamden.  I adore Kamden.  When I say he's one of my favorite people EVER, I'm completely serious.  Of all the people I've ever known, in my entire life, he's one of my favorite.  People, not just children or family.  So there!  He amazes me.  He hates my Bitzee, but I'm okay with that!  He calls her "The Little Dog of Horrors"!  Because she's so mean.  She truly is a little monster!  I guess it's only cute to me?  Ha!       

And Khylee, well, I can't have kids.  She was born on my wedding anniversary.  It was a difficult time for me.  (She came on the heels of our failed adoption).  But I love and adore her too.  How could I not?  And she loves and adores her Buffee.  I know because she told me so and I can see it in her smile every time I see her.  She's the happiest little thing.  She's a new baby, the boys will be grown soon.  I rarely, if ever, get to see or talk to Kenna now.  So I know how precious this time is.  I know that it won't be too long before the boys are teenagers and Aunt Buffee's not "cool" to hang out with and spend the night with.  I always thought Kenna and I would be close forever.  We had that kind of friendship.  *tears*  But I know things never really turn out the way you think they will.  Hopefully one day we can get back to that friendship. 

Anyway, so over the weekend I took Kooper to his first ever NFL game.  Yes, I'm still the coolest Aunt ever to him!  (It was his reward for honor roll last year).  The game was our season opener.  It was a pre-season game but still.  Kooper and I were both very excited!  We got to the stadium about an hour before the game was scheduled to start.  So that we could walk around and check out all of the food stands.  It was Kooper's first time.  I wanted to make sure he had plenty of time to pick out whatever he wanted to eat.  Once we got there it started to rain.  And rain, and rain, and rain.  The game was delayed 2 hours.  That meant we were 3 hours early.  It was hot and miserable.  We weren't aloud to take our seats because of the thunder and lightening.  So we sat in the hallway and talked.  Once the game finally began it started to rain again and didn't stop until half time.  Then it started again once the game started. And it rained on us for all of the 3rd quarter and most of the 4th.  But Kooper was a good sport about it.  Despite the heat, and the rain, and then the cold, we had a blast!  And I can't imagine having gone through all of that with anyone else and had as much fun as I did with my Kooper!  I can't wait to take him to another game.  I hope that all of the rain and delays and everything we experienced just adds to the memories later in life for him.  Its a game I doubt either of us will ever forget!        

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

(On the bus)
     (Still on the bus)
(waiting for the rain to stop)
(Finally we made it to our seats)
(our AMAZING seats/view)



adrienzgirl said...

OMG! Those are the cutest damn kids I have ever seen! I mean really! They are THE CUTEST KIDS EVER!

Oh wait?!? That's because they are mine! Ha!

The captions on Khylee's pictures are hilarious!

The pictures of Kamden and my niece? Oh so Kamden!

I am so glad you and Kooper had so much fun at the Jag's game! He told me how awesome it was!

The kids really do LOOOOOOOOOVE you too Sissy!

That One Mom said...

LMAO!!! Those pics with Khylee and Bitzee are HILARIOUS!!!

Alicia said...

so dang cute!! the kids are lucky to have such an amazing auntie in their lives!! and seriously those pics of your baby bitzee with khylee are priceless! so adorable!!

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

I love the pics! I'll bet you ARE an awesome Aunt. :)

I've been to the Jags stadium. My team played in a bowl game there not long ago. Loved staying on the river and taking the water taxi to and from the stadium. I was in my hotel on facebook before most of my friends were out of the parking lot!!

Daffy said...

Buffee....oh my! The role of Auntie is such a special one! How super super lucky that these lovelies have you to fulfill that role. I know how much I love being an Aunt.

Your pictures are great and of course the the furry so sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So cute!! Love the pics, the kids and pup are adorable. Of course!