Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hillbilly Hump Day (Episode 8- There's a storm coming)

Happy Hillbilly Hump Day Seekers!  I’ve sat all morning, thinking about what I could write about when it comes to the Hillbillies.  To be honest, I’ve become bored with them lately.  What?  Noooo. . . say it isn’t so Buffee!  Sorry, the truth hurts sometimes!  Hopefully I'm just in a funk, because I LOVE writing about the hillbillies!  It's usually very therapeutic for me!  Maybe it's just because there's been nothing inspiring to write about.  When I say "inspiring" I really mean entertaining!  HA!    

I could talk about their trash again, and the fact that it hasn’t been put out in weeks, not since the last time I wrote about it.  (Plus their AC is still broken. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must smell in that house).  I could talk about the youngest daughter and how she claimed to be a lesbian until she met my stepson and now she wants to have sex with him.  He told me she asks him on a regular basis. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!  (Thank “The Gods” the boy has enough sense not to, or so he says).  I could talk about their dogs, oh have I ever mentioned them?  Maybe it’s because I didn’t even know they had any until recently.  They never walk them or even bring them outside.  (I can only assume they go to the bathroom in the house).  I could talk about the baby billy and how he asked my husband if he knows anyone that would be interested in buying drugs.  Apparently the baby billies steal their parents prescription drugs and sell them.  Yeah, nice!  And the oldest billy son is a small time pot dealer.  I even get to see their drug dealer stopping by atleast once a week.  One day, he drove around the block about 5 times, because I was sitting in my truck outside.  He even changed cars and came back, (oh yes, he did)!  I guess he thought I wouldn’t notice?

Yes, I have plenty of “material” to write about. But nothing new, no big blow outs or anything like that. The older billy daughter’s baby daddies haven’t been coming around. The mom and dad seem to be getting along. In fact, things have been rather quiet lately. Which can only mean one thing?? The storm is a brewing! I can feel it in my bones! You know, like when the kids are too quiet and you know they’re up to no good! Yes, something’s going to happen! It’s just a matter of time! And when it does, I’ll be there, taking blog notes! HA! Until then. . . . I’ll try to come up with something more creative to blog about for my Hillbilly Hump Day Post! 

Happy Hump Day Seekers!  Stop by tomorrow for my SaS with my sissy over at Think Tank Momma


adrienzgirl said...

You know...I love a good storm! Really...LOVE a good storm!!!!

Nancy C said...

I bet they're building a still in there. Even though alcohol is legal, it ain't moonshine.