Monday, July 12, 2010

Might be a little bit OCD and Monopoly?

Over the weekend we played Monopoly as a family, (me, William, Justin, and Laura). We played on William’s childhood board game. (Laura’s a hoarder, she never throws anything away). We had so much fun! In the beginning the MIL was kicking our butts! Somehow losing was more fun than winning. I honestly didn’t care about winning. Which isn’t like me at all, I love to win. I’m competitive by nature. But I was playing with my family and having some good ol’ fashion family fun. It wasn’t about winning. It was just a game.

I bought the dark purple properties, Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue. Yes, I was the “slumlord”! HA! These are my two favorite properties to buy.  I love them!  I always try to buy them.  I was the first to buy houses/hotels, and once Laura went to jail, 8 times in a row, I was doing pretty good! (I think Laura must have set some Monopoly record by going to jail that many times in a row. It was hilarious)! But then William started buying up EVERYTHING, he ended up bankrupting Laura, gained all of her properties and kicked our butts! The best part about playing was comparing everything we were doing in the game to real life. It seemed like so much more than just a game. I had never really thought about how much Monopoly was like real life!

While we were playing, the MIL said to me, I’ve never in my 40 plus years of playing Monopoly seen anyone play like you. She was referring to my money. Everyone else had all their money lined up in nice neat little stacks, but me, well mine was a mess! No random order, not separated into stacks, nothing neat about it, just one big pile of money. HA! So I thought about it, and I realized, I’ve always played like that. And I’ve never known anyone else to have their money in one big messy pile either.

I started to wonder what it meant, or didn’t mean. Did it have any significance at all? Probably not! I’m just a weirdo! But it’s definitely ME! I’m so OCD about some aspects of my life while other things are just total chaos. I do have rituals routines that make me “abnormal” or crazay! (Or so I've been told).  I knew I was “different” from a very early age. When I was a child, my mom would have to cover my hands in Vaseline and socks at night, to help stop the cracking and bleeding (because I washed my hands so much). I started carrying a purse in the 2nd grade, so that I could carry lotion with me at all times. Now I’m OCD about washing my hands and applying lotion. I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD by a professional or anything like that, but the doctor has told me on more than one occasion to stop washing my hands so much!

My husband calls them my “corks” oops, I mean "quirks"! I think at first he thought they were cute. Now? Yeah probably not so much! HA! But he loves me for me, and all of my quirks! He understands that they’re just a part of who I am.  I'm not only a brat, I'm OCD.  (So either William's a Godsend or a glutton for punishment)!  Or perhaps a little bit of both?  Just for the record, he's also an asshole!  He's my asshole, and I love him to pieces!  But an asshole nonetheless!  HA!  We're perfect for each other.  Kind of like balsamic vinegar and strawberries, two things that you wouldn't normally think go together, but some how they just sort of work!    

I love to watch that show Obsessed. It makes me feel somewhat “normal”! Not that I in anyway shape or form care about being someone else’s sense of “normal”! Because to me, I am the normal one! The show makes me feel like I’m not a total nutburger or like I’m not really “mentally ill”! Yes, I’m obsessive, and I have issues with compulsion. But I don’t think that they handicap me in such a way that I’m not happy and living a complete life! A lot of things have to be my way, and thankfully, most of the people in my life know that about me and accept it. And for that, I’m thankful!

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adrienzgirl said...

You are a funny little OCD thing aren't you? I have lots of "rituals" that I pretend not to have. I am not a big MONOPOLY fan though. Whew! That game wears my ass out!