Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I learned at the Krystals

Today (Tuesday) started out like any other day.  I actually made it to work on time!  Technically I'm not really "late" for work, our starting time is anywhere from 6:30 am to 8:00 am.  But, I like to be at work at 7:00 am.  That way I can stay until 4:30, take a 30 min lunch, and make up 1 hour just incase. . . . or get off early on Friday!  Can I get a hell yeah?!  

Nothing was out of the ordinary during the day today.  The ride home started just like any other ride home.  Typical!  Until I started down the "real" road, then I heard, thump thump thump thump. . . . right away I knew what it was.  William had already warned me to be careful driving, that I needed new tires, but we had to wait until payday.  (Not to mention I've had like a bazillion flat tires!  Seriously, I hit every pothole, nail, screw, you name it, I've hit it, most of them multiple times)!  GREAT!  Just what I needed!  And guess what, my spare tire, yeah, it's already on my truck!  Double great!  

I pulled into the closest parking lot, a hotel, and walked over to the Krystal's.  It was WAY to freaking hot to stand out there in the heat.  I called my husband, and when he finally answered, he said it's going to be a while.  Lovely, just lovely.  Those of you that follow me on Twitter, already got the gist of my afternoon.  But, since my phone was dieing and I was waiting on a call from the tow truck and my husband, I waited to share this story!  Besides, it was too dang good not to blog about! 

First off, Krystal's is not the place you're suppose to hang-out in for hours at a time!  Only weirdos spend any length of time in the Krystal's.  Weirdos and people with flat tires.  And NOT my kind of weirdos.  Ironically, the last time I got a flat tire, I ended up at the other Orange Park Krystal's!  (Note to self, stay away from Krystal's if at all possible while driving).  

Never use the restrooms at the Krystal's, ever.  ("This isn't the kind of place you want to go to the bathroom in.  There might be dead things Mikey, dead things")!  Sorry, couldn't help myself, I'm just a Goonie!  ONLY weirdos follow you to the restroom.  For all the single ladies, just because he's cute, and has a laptop, means NOTHING!  If he follows you to the restroom, it's creepy.  Creepy I tell you!  Especially if he's already given you the line "you look so familiar, don't I know you from somewhere"?  Seriously dude, did you really think it was okay to follow me to the ladies room?  I wasn't staring at you, I was facing you.  That's all!  No I don't know you and no I don't want you following me, especially to the restroom?  WTF?  THEN the dude tried to sit at my table with me.  Um, not just no, but HELL NO!  I told him I was waiting on my HUSBAND and no, I didn't want him sitting with me, or talking to me for that matter!  Seriously creepy.  Some weirdos just don't get it!  Or maybe I'm just really that cute?  HA!   

Question?  Are all fast food managers stuck in an 80's time-warp or something?  Have you ever noticed they all seem to still have that 80's hairstyle?  The wall-o-bangs, big hair, half of it in a scrunchy look?  Or is it just me?  I swear the manager I had as a teenager, working at McDonald's, had the same hair-do!  And that was almost 20 yrs ago!

After spending 3 hours in the Krystal's (with all of the weirdos) watching the employees and reflecting on my own time working at McDonald's, I'm so thankful,  today more than ever, for my life and to have a "good" job.  I know I moan and groan about getting up early and being late.  I complain about work crap all of the time and I count the days until Friday, everysingleweek.  But I really am glad that I have a good job to "hate"!  I know not everyone in this country can say that or feel that way right now.  And more than anything, I'm so glad I'm not single and dating!  I'm thankful to have a husband, who loves me, and I can call to come and rescue me!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!        




adrienzgirl said...

You are right about the weirdos worshiping at the house of Krystal's. I don't know what it is with that place. Freaking weird!

Sorry about your afternoon!

Anonymous said...

That is so true, yet so easy to forget when we get caught up in the silly crap of our lives.

Thanks for the reminder that there are things worse than being stuck at a desk on a sunny day,

That One Mom said...

I'm not entirely sure what Krystal's is, but may I request that we NOT go there when I am visiting your sis?

Anonymous said...

LOL What? You didnt want any company in the bathroom??