Sunday, May 9, 2010

The best gift ever!

It's mothers day, a day I usually hate.  (Hate a strong word, maybe it's not the word I'm looking for here).  I guess this year is different now that I've actually had my hysterectomy and people can stop saying, "your time will come" or "maybe next year" and all that other CRAP they've always said.  When you're not a "real" mother, it's one of those days you dread, like Valentine's Day for all the singletons.  A day when it's just better to stay in bed, maybe have lots of sex, just because you can, and call it a day!  But this mother's day was different for me.  I even cried, tears of happiness! 

My (step) son, Justin, got me my first ever mother's day card!  (((gushing)))  It was just a card, but it meant the world to me.  He did it all on his own.  He even walked to the store and bought the card with his own money.  I can't even begin to describe how that feels.  It was just the validation I needed.  To me it said, yeah, I love you Buffee, and you're doing the best job you can as my (step) mom!  So for all the "children" out there. . . . tell the women in your life, the mothers, or the motherly influences in your life, how much you love them.  It will mean the world to them.  A present isn't necessary. . . . the gift is truly in the thought.  Just knowing you're appreciated and loved is the best present ever!



adrienzgirl said...

Happy Mother's Day.

It might not have been the way you would have chosen to be a mom, but you nevertheless, a REAL MOM.

Much like Pinocchio wished to be a real boy, his dream came true. Your wish has been granted too!

I love you sis!

gayle said...

I am so glad your stepson got you a card!! That was more special that he did it on his own.

I am sad to say I didn't even stop to think how my oldest daughter might have felt today!