Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'll get you my pretty!

From left to right. . . first up Charlee Bugs (aka demon dog or momma dog), in the middle is Loona (aka Looloos, Bitzee or lil'bit), and the one trying to hide is Krickett (aka my handsome devil)!  These are my chi babies!  I just LOVE this picture!  They love to play fight! 

I love that Charlee's eyes are red in this picture and it makes her look crazy!  It just wouldn't be the same without the red demon eyes!  She's actually a real sweetheart, unless you're trying to touch her stomach or dry her off after a bath.  Then she turns into the monster pictured above!

Bitzee is the EXACT opposite of this picture.  Here she looks all timid and scared of Charlee.  But she's usually the one reeking havoc on all the other dogs!  She terrorizes Gizmo, not pictured, my Lhasa Apso.  In fact, she terrorizes everyone!  (Especially my MIL)!  She's such a little turd!  She was the runt and she only weighs around 2 lbs.  She's wittle and we wove her!  She rules the roost!     

Krickett, the one with his head down, trying to hide, is showing his true colors!  He's a lover not a fighter!  He's always trying to be the peace maker between Charlee and Bitzee!  He is the most handsome Chihuahua I have ever seen!  This picture does not do him justice! 

I come from a family of Chihuahua owners!  My parents have 2, my oldest sister has 4, my other sister has 1, and I of course have 3!  We LOVE our Chihuahuas!


adrienzgirl said...

I love my Chis too. Cute pic of my nieces and nephew.

Chief said...

I had a part chihuaha until just a few years ago! They are so spunky and fun!

SupahMommy said...


Soo cute ... love them. What a fun house you must have ! I can hear them chasing each other now!


Shell said...

Loona looks scared! They are so cute!

gayle said...

They are cuties!!