Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friends by choice!

When I was little, there was nothing cooler to me than my sisters.  I wanted to be just like them!  I wanted to do everything that they did, be anywhere that they were, and do just what they were doing!  Unfortunately I was a total spoiled rotten brat.  (Yes, tis true)!  When I was born they wanted a little brother.  (As luck would have it, their wish came true, but it came true after me)!  I'd be willing to bet that both of them would gladly take another me over a brother any day now!   

Today, my sisters are my very best friends!  I love them to pieces.  I rarely tell them that.  I have serious issues from always being the brat tag-along sister.  But truth be told I love and admire them so much.  They are wonderful women.  Great wives and amazing mothers.  I'm all grown up, and I still want to be just like them.

I'm extremely close to my sister Brandee and her family.  (Brooke and I are close, but she's in Utah and this blog is more about Brandee anyways).  I don't get to have my own children, but because Brandee has always "shared" her children with me, I almost feel like a mother.  I think in a way, being Aunt Buffee, prepared me for step-motherhood.  Brandee and her husband, Adrien, have really been there for me these past few years.  When I had my hysterectomy, she was the one to stay with me in the hospital that first night.  After sitting in the hospital ALL day, she stayed up ALL night in the hospital with me.  Literally ALL night.  And I guess I should really say for me, not with me, because I was sleeping.  (or trying)!  I was on a pump for my pain medicine.  Every 5 minutes I was able to push the button that administered my pain medsBrandee sat up and pressed that button for me ALL night.  That is love!  (I should also mention Brandee HATES hospitals).  She's only been in the hospital to give birth.

Being best friends with your sisters is kind of like always having a piece of your childhood with you!  Your memories are their memories!  As different as we are, we're also very much alike!  We have similar interests, stories, jokes, and anything and everything you can think of!  We are forever linked.  I can't think of a single person on earth to be better friends with than my sisters!  I love them more than words can describe.

So here's to my sister, Brandee, on her birthday, my family by birth, but my friend by choice!  I love you!  I admire you!  I think the world of you!  Thanks for everything that you do for me!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  (I really enjoyed our day together yesterday)! 


adrienzgirl said...

Awww....Thanks BUFFEE! That was so sweet. Complete with those GOD awful pics with my 70s hair! :D

I had a great day yesterday too!


That One Mom said...

Those pics are awesome! You do have a great sis! What a great tribute to her!

SurferWife said...

That was so super sweet! But not quite as sweet as those hairstyles in the first picture.


gayle said...

My girls fought terribly when they were kids at home. I was so worried!! They are now best of friends!! Love the pictures of you girls!!


Awwww! How nice!