Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tutu madness!

Do you have a princess in your life?  I do, several in fact!  I love my nieces!  Kenna is all grown up now, but there's Kambree, Mady, Amberlee, and Khylee.  I love to spoil them (when I'm not broke, which is most of the time)!  Okay, so I dream about spoiling them!  It's the same difference. 

Anyway, I found this blog and there's a free tutu giveaway.  These tutus are so stinking cute I can't stand it!  I'm hoping to win one!  Go check them out!   

tutu bug blog


adrienzgirl said...

Tutus are the cutest things on little girls! Khylee sure does love to be spoiled. Kenna did when she was yittle too. Aunt Buffee is the bestest spoiler evah!

gayle said...

Tutus are a new thing and I think they are so cute!! Wish I had a little girl to spoil!! You are a sweet aunt!


My little one is a little too little for tutus.... But she'll be ready soon!