Friday, May 28, 2010

random (it's Friday, why not)?

I think my husband is a 'professional' BOY!
People with OCD should NOT take a shit if they're stoned!
My dogs are BRATS but I still LOVE them! 
I HAD a Dexter moment today! 
I FELL for him.
I MISS the Smurfs!
I WISH I had some donuts.
I STILL think my husband's HOT! 
I want to KISS him.
I'm just a Goonie!
I smell Ice Cream.

This is the way my brain works! 


adrienzgirl said...

There is something wrong with you. Just sayin'

Novaes said...

Hello! How are you?
My name is Novaes,
I'm from Brazil.
I also have a blog
and I'm learning English.
I think I also am a devourer of books,
e agora estou lendo blogs
your blog is very cool!!
Congratulations and good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Damn. LOL Should OCD people even be getting stoned??

Kamalamadama said...

I love you buffee.