Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hillbilly Hump Day (Episode 2- Hillbilly Landscape)

It's that time again truth seekers, Happy Hump Day!  Let's get our hillbilly on and do the humpty hump!    

Last night as I was sitting here typing up my hillbilly post, we got some live hillbilly action.  Hillbilly momma was outside screaming.  It seems to be their favorite way of communicating.  When I say screaming, I'm not talking about raised voices or shouting, it's typically a full on screaming match.  We have new neighbors that just moved in across the street.  I'm wondering what they think of our hillbillies? 

I do have an update for my seekers, straight from the hillbillies themselves.  Justin has been hanging out with the baby-billies (aka the youngest two, Dillon and Brandy)!  No, I'm not happy about it, but he does get me the inside scoop!  I think of him as my informant, he's doing my "dirty work" for me.  And trust me, it's definitely dirty! So, the oldest hillbilly daughter, Jessica, is preggers fo'sure!  AND just as I suspected, she has no idea who her "baby daddy" be!  So that's why both the bf's are still hanging around!  See, I told you guys, they're going to end up on an episode of the Maury Show, (Who My Baby Daddy)?!  

I tried to get Justin to take some pictures of the hillbillies, but he said he didn't feel comfortable doing so.  Over the weekend they, the hillbilly teens, had a little get-together in their back yard.  It looked like a hillbilly/thug convention.  Since Justin has been hanging out with them, I asked him to go over and try to snap a few shots.  He didn't just say no, he said HELL NO!  He said those thugs weren't the kind of people you go around taking pictures of and that he doesn't even like to look them in the eyes.  (WTF)??  If he's that afraid of those "thugs" I surely don't want him hanging out with them.  So I told him nevermind and to stay the HELL away from the hillbillies and their thug friends! 

I'm thinking I should get myself one of those cameras like the paparazzi use.  I've always wanted one and I absolutely love love LOVE taking pictures!  Then I could stalk watch the hillbillies from afar and still get photos of them!  (Hopefully my sweetheart of a husband will read this and get ideas for a Christmas or Birthday present)!  

As promised I have the backyard pictures for your viewing pleasure!  You can tell just by looking at the them I was "hiding" in the bushes trying to take them.  Yes, I'm a dare devil, I walk on the wild side, I laugh in the face of danger!  HA!        


Beautiful landscape huh?  I know you're all so jealous of me and wish you lived next to the hillbillies!  LOL!  I'm telling you, before long, I'm going to have inspired all of my seekers to bake some cookies for their neighbors!  And when they ask you what's the occasion, just thank them for not being HILLBILLIES!  (and then send them over to read my blog)!  Maybe they'll bake you some cookies too!  

Happy Hillbilly Hump Day Seekers!!   

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adrienzgirl said...

You keep that boy away from those thugs!!!

That backyard? That's just nast-ay!

Nancy C said...

If you get any pictures of hillbilly ass crack, I will sew my eyelids shut.

gayle said...