Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hillbilly Hump Day (Episode 4- Santabilly?)

It's that time again!  Happy Hillbilly Hump Day seekers!  Did you miss me last week?  Sorry I left y'all hanging.  I could come up with a million excuses for not posting, but the 'truth' is I just wasn't feeling up to it.  I even had pictures of the billyboys playing some billyball to share with my seekers.  But when I sat down to blog I just didn't feel like it.  Which is so not like me, not at all.  I love blogging about the hillbillies!  I've been in a funk lately.  I'm feeling better now, atleast I think?  Who knows?  I think I'm coming out of it and I'm feeling back to Buffee again!  Yay

So this morning I'm feeling inspired!  I stopped at Panera for my morning bagel, (which really isn't a surprise, I go there 3-4 times a week).  This directly contributes to my ever expanding ASS!  I've gained 30 lbs since my hysterectomy last year.  YIKES!  I know, I need to put down the bagels, but I love them so.  We're dear friends!  And I have a bagel addiction!  (There are worse things)! 

Anyway, every Wednesday I see the same old man there.  I've been dieing to get a picture of him to share with you guys.  It's almost as if he knows it's my Hillbilly Hump Day and he's there to remind me that I need to blog.  I think 'The Gods' sent him just for me!  I swear it's so!  (Or maybe he's just dear friends with the bagels too)?  Either way, he makes me happy!  So for weeks I have been trying to capture a picture to share with y'all.  As luck would have it, today he was sitting down eating when I got there.  Suh-weet!  He's normally coming in as I'm leaving or vice versa.  But not today, today he was trapped.  Sitting there, just waiting for me to catch him!!  

I contemplated my options.  Do I pretend I'm using my phone and try to get a good enough picture?  Heck no!  This is me we're talking about!  I walked straight up to him and said, I have to have a picture of your beard!  Would you mind?  Honestly, if you're willing to walk around looking like he does, you should fully anticipate people gawking, staring, making comments, and asking for pictures.  Just saying!  (It really bothers me when freaks people who are "different" or tattooed from head to toe and have a bazillion piercings get pissed off when people stare).  If you're prepared to walk through life looking bizarre, then you should also be prepared for your picture to be taken, at anytime and at any place!  That's just my opinion and I'm entitled to it.  Now I'm not saying you shouldn't do it!  Go ahead, knock yourselves out!  The crazier the better in my opinion.  It gives me entirely too much pleasure to ask someone to stop!  I love people watching.  Especially at theme parks!  I can sit and people watch for hours!  

So instead of sharing the billyboys playing billyboy or any of the hillbilly madness going on next door,  this week I wanted to share with you my favorite Hillbilly Hump Day moment for the past month or so. . . the Hillbilly Santa I see every Wednesday morning!  In the words of my favorite 7 year old, Kamden, he's 'spectacular'!  He was actually smiling for me, but it took me too long to get to the camera on my phone.  Oh well, I think his "unimpressed" looking attitude adds to his charm!  Sort of like the "Bad Santa"!  What'cha think?     


Yes, like I've said before, it's the small things in life that make me happy!  Plus, I've learned to laugh at myself as much as I laugh at others!  So I feel no guilt here!  I know someone somewhere probably has a picture of me laughing. . . I just hope it's not on "The People of Wal-Mart" website with me in my pj's!  I'm notorious for going to Wally World in my pj's in the middle of the night!  (If I find a picture of me wearing 'Woody the Woodpecker' pj's bottoms and a tee-shirt that says "I love lesbians" my sister and her husband are DEAD)!  HA!  

Don't forget to laugh, it's life's best medicine!  Happy Hillbilly Hump Day seekers!


adrienzgirl said...

OMG! This made my whole entire day! I swear it did. I cannot believe you asked the man to take his picture. THAT is craziness!

I am going to find a picture of you with the I <3 Lesbians shirt and post it on my blog! That's real!

Kamalamadama said...

Man that guy has a big beard. He looks like the guy from Harry Potter.

And I love you!