Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stick 'Em Up Notes

Happy Tuesday Seekers!  So I thought this looked like fun and I wanted to give it a try!  Turns out, I really like it and I had fun making up my post-it notes!  If you're not already participating in Supah's Post-It Note Tuesday you should try it out!  I had a blast making up mine! 


Well there you have it, my first Post-It Note Tuesday! 

Don't forget tomorrow's my Hillbilly Hump Day!  Stop on by!  I have pictures!


adrienzgirl said...

Damn stubborn Chihuahuas.

Teenagers sucks. Period.

My boys do love them some Aunt Buffee.

As for the coworker? I don't think that Halls work for nervous ticks. Just sayin'!

June said...

So the boys didn't go easy on Aunt Buffee? Had to throw them water balloons as hard as they could.

I so hate people coughing around me. I actually hold my breath and try to move away or wave it away... kinda freaked out about inhaling others germs. (no,I don't wear a mask!)

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Ugh I am a huge germaphobe! I would have thrown halls, hand sanitizer, and those lysol wipes at her! Ick...

Can you come play water balloon wars with my boys next??