Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I bleed TEAL!

It's official, we're season ticket holders, again!  I LOVE the Jacksonville Jaguars !!  I love football, period.  Everything about it!  As a little girl I grew up watching the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49er's with my dad.  Those were 'his' teams.  (He's from out west).  But the Jaguars. . . the Jaguars are 'my' team!  I was a senior in high school when Jacksonville finally got a team of their very own and I have been a fan ever since. 

(That's me wearing William's hat)!

Football is something that William and I love to do together.  Back during our VERY short courtship (we only dated 2 months before getting married), it's one of the first things we started doing together.  We like to do everything from watching the draft, (yes, I totally get into it), to watching all of the highlights and the game replays.  We even listen to the Jags radio show.  Sad, but true!  

There's nothing like going to the live games in my opinion!  (Though I admit staying home and watching them on the big screen, in HD, with all of the comforts of home, has been nice).  But I prefer going to the games.  I love walking into the stadium with the crowds.  I love being there for the opening, the National Anthem, and the flyover!  Oh, the flyovers!  The games would not be the same without them!  The first time I experienced one, I actually ducked, it was so loud!     

For those of you who are not local to Jacksonville (Brandee, no I'm not fooling myself, I know you're my only "follower"), the majority of the Jags home games are blacked out here.  Due to ticket sales, or lack there of!  Last year we spent most of the season listening to the games on the radio.  Which was sort of retro cool in it's own way.  But this year, if you want the NFL. . .  then go to the NFL!  HA!  William's under the impression that if ticket sales do not pick up soon, that we're going to be losing the Jaguars.  So we decided to get season tickets again this year, (actually we bought tickets for the next 3 years), to do our part to help out 'our' team!  Even though William will be working during the majority of the games.  I will still be going and taking either family (aka Kooper or Justin) or maybe a friend.  I'd rather be going with my sweetheart, but I'm super stoked about being able to take Kooper!  I think he's almost as excited as I am.  We decided that taking him to the games would be his reward for making such good grades.  (I know, I'm like the coolest Aunt, EVER)!  He's finally to that age where boys start watching and playing sports.  (Kamden on the other hand. . . not so much. . .  so for his good grades, we're taking him to Harry Potter, at Universal Studios IOA)!  See, I told you, coolest aunt E-V-E-R!            

Anyways, back to my Jaguars. . . . Friday William surprised me with a trip to the stadium to take a looksee at our seats.  He picked them out.  I think he did a great job, but I'll have to let you know once I've actually gone to a game and experienced them first hand!  But for now, I love them!  And I love my crazy football fanatic loving husband for making it possible, even if he can't go with me.  

Pictures from our trip for your viewing pleasure!   


This way . . .

Our section

Our seats

Our view

The real reason for our seat location

Yes, he wanted to sit next to the Bud Zone!  That's the view from our seats.  Too bad he stopped drinking! Jagtard! 

Football season will be here before we know it!  I'm going to the NFL! 

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adrienzgirl said...

WTF? William quit drinking again? My husband will be sad. Will is his only drinking buddy. Crap!

The seats are cool. Koop will definitely enjoy going to the games with you.