Monday, June 28, 2010

Movies that make me cry.

Do you remember the first movie you ever cried in?  I don't know which one I saw first, but three come to mind, Savannah Smiles E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Benji, (I was six).  I remember each movie, like it were yesterday.  My parents took us to the movies a lot.  When I say a lot, I mean I remember going all of the time, like almost every weekend.  I know it wasn't every weekend, but it felt like it.  Back then it was the $1 movie.  I can honestly say that I'm a movie lover because of my parents.  

I think I related to Savannah Smiles, not because I was an only child of a politician who wanted to run away, but I was a middle child who felt neglected.  (Which may not have been the case, but I was 6, and these are my memories.  They are how I felt). I thought after watching this movie that maybe I wanted to run away and find some tenderhearted criminals to take me in!  Yes, I remember thinking about this as a child.  Thank goodness I didn't!  I was always a dramatic child.  I wanted things my way.  (Not much has changed, I'm just older now).  I think most children probably feel this way, but when I say I was a spoiled rotten brat, it's because I was.  I know this because my mother and sisters, (and just about everyone else I know) have always told me this.  Yes, even my husband.  To me it's just normal.  Of course I want things my way!  Doesn't everyone? 

The first movie I ever remember really "balling" in was ET.  It was the scene where ET is dying.  I remember thinking, there's noway he can die, he's the alien and the whole movie.  I felt like my heart was breaking, or atleast as much as a 6 year old can feel their heart breaking.  I remember being so mad for crying once I figured out he was going to live!  After that, I always wanted to find an alien and own a red hoodie!  To this day, I've never had either one!  (No, I lied, my husband and I have have matching Thing 1 and Thing 2 hoodies,  but that doesn't count).  And just for the record I hate Reese's Pieces.  I've always wondered why in the world didn't they use M&M's?  That would have made me so much happier.  (I also remember wanting to kiss a boy after watching ET).  HA!

I think the scene in Benji that made me cry, speaks volumes about me.  It was where the man that was holding Benji captive kicks him upside the wall.  I was so hurt by this as a child.  I admit, I'm a crier.  I cry in movies all of the time.  I even cry over Hallmark commercials.  (I get that from my mother).  But I'm also a dog lover.  We have always owned a dog.  I don't think I ever remember a time when we didn't have a dog growing up.  And now, I have 4 dogs.  They are my kids!   

My favorite crying movie experience was not my own.  When I was a teenager we dropped my little brother and cousin off at the movies to watch My Girl.  (I was going to get my hair done for my birthday).  I want to say they were about 12-13 at the time.  When we picked them back up, it was more than obvious they had both been crying.  So when they got in the car, we asked, is everything okay, was the movie any good?  They said the movie was good, but sad.  And they made it very clear that they WERE NOT CRYING!  Mysteriously they both had gotten something in their eyes (wink wink)!  After I saw the movie, I completely understood!  But they were boys, it was so not cool for them to be crying over a movie!  Especially over a "chick flick"! 

I love movies that make me cry.  Not all of the time, but sometimes, whenever I need a good cry.  I cry every time I watch Steel Magnolias and The Stepmom.  I guess The Stepmom is kind of symbolic of my life!  Everyone loves Steel Magnolias.  I think it's on most every woman's top 10 favorite movies list?  (Or should be)!  But my favorite all time cry movie is without a doubt Simon Birch.  I both loved and hated this movie.  I've never cried so hard in a movie before.  E-V-E-R!  If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it!  When I saw it in the theater I was crying so hard, the little old man sitting next to me leaned over and asked me if I was going to be okay!  I mean full body crying, snot coming out of my nose, boohoo crying.  And it wasn't just once, you know the epic sad scene or the ending, nope, I cried through the whole dang movie!  Don't get me wrong, there was comedy in it too.  It was a brilliant movie throughout.  It just had a very sad heartfelt poor boy's life theme going on.  If you need a good cry and you've never seen this movie. . . . do yourself a favor and watch it!  

So these are my favorites now tell me some of yours!                               


adrienzgirl said...

I remember going to see When a Man Loves a Woman with Kenna. She was like two, maybe three. Just me and Kenna. I bawled. I mean bawled. She looked up at me and said, Mommy you're crying. Then she looked around. She said Mommy, everybody is crying. I just said yes it's sad. She said, it's just a movie mommy.

I cry ALL THE DAMN TIME in movies. Even cartoons. It's ridiculous.

Daffy said...

I don't know that I have a list of movies for you. I much prefer to read over watching a movie. I'm weird like that, I know.

I am also the middle child though so that is like waaaaaaay cool! (my best valley girl impression)

Jul-e said...

You certainly are a brat Buffee. The most shocking thing about reading your blog has been finding out that you aren't an only child! All these years, I thought you must be a spoiled only child! I'm an oldest child, therefore I'm quite sure that ALL younger children have had it much better!

The very first movie to make me cry was Disney's Pinocchio. I was three. When the mean puppetmaster locked Pinocchio in a cage, I was devastated!

Today I cried watching Toy Story 3 with my daughter! She's only 4, but has already realized that Mommy cries during most movies. When today's waterworks started she whispered, "Mommy, don't cry, this is a happy movie."

gayle said...

I know I have cried at one movie but can't remember which one!!